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About ABiCC


  • ABiCC is the cooperative association, or "umbrella" organization, for the bi-national chambers of commerce in Florida.
  • ABiCC has approximately 40 member organizations, with a total membership of approximately 8,000 international business members located in Florida, constituting a major part of the international business community.
  • The rapidly growing number of bi-national chambers of commerce and their memberships mirror the fundamental transformation that Florida has undergone in just a few years to become the global center of the Americas for trade, commerce, finance, transportation, communication, research and education, with a special focus on Latin America and the Caribbean.


The Mission of ABiCC is:

  • to promote foster, articulate, and advance the common interests of all bi-national chambers of commerce in Florida,
  • to assist members of said bi-national chambers of commerce to develop business contacts in the overseas countries represented by such bi-national associations of commerce,
  • to foster, promote and develop commercial relations and exchanges between the United States and such overseas countries,
  • to take any such actions and measures as may be required to achieve the foregoing such as creating the correct environment that will help interaction and trust amongst people so that economic and social prosperity can be attained.


  1. To position ABiCC as the organization in Florida that defends the interests of its member organizations and their respective members, thereby representing the international business community in Florida.
  2. To inform the public institutions, the media and other entities of the importance of the international business community to the economy, employment and prosperity of Florida.
  3. To be a link between the member organizations and government institutions.
  4. To organize and maintain an agenda of projects that will help abolish or reduce restrictions in Florida and the USA on free movement of goods, capital and people between the USA and other countries.
  5. To centralize information concerning member associations through an efficient website and other communication media, as well as by distributing information on events organized by member associations.
  6. To represent the member organizations at press conferences, debates, etc.
  7. To select a winner every year of the ABiCC Award for Leadership in Global Trade, as well as a winner every year of the Lars Hummerhielm Award.
  8. To organize the yearly ABiCC World Business Week which serves as a platform for the member associations to showcase their different business opportunities, as well as any other events decided by the Board of Directors that will foster networking or that will be informative and educational to the member associations and their respective members.

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