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United Kingdom Office

Management Communication Ltd., London, UK

Michael Waggett

Investment Manager:
Patrick Dudley (full-time)

Trade Specialist:
Claire Butler Adams

Qualifications of Contractor:
Michael Waggett has had direct experience as the representative of the State of Washington. His management consulting firm has excellent connections in Britain with the transportation, technology and entertainment sectors. Some of Management Communications current corporate clients include Rolls Royce, the Pearson Group, British Airports Authority and the Kingfisher Group. In addition, Mr. Waggett and his board of directors maintain close professional contacts and working relationships with Vodaphone, the Virgin Group, GEC Electronics, Barclay’s Bank, British Midland Airways and other high level UK industry leaders and relevant Parliamentary committees and Ministries. Both Michael Waggett and Patrick Dudley each have over 30 years professional experience in the UK in marketing, management and sales.

Contact Address:
Michael Waggett
Enterprise Florida UK Office
Heathcoat House, 20 Savile Row
London W1X 1AE
United Kingdom
Phone: 011-44-171-494-2551
FAX: 011-44-171-439-0222
Email: florida@waggett.com


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