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Mexico Office

Hemispheric Strategies Inc. and U.S. Trade Center, Mexico City, Mexico

Gary Springer

Trade Specialist:
Ana Arroyo (full-time)

Qualifications of Contractors:
Gary Springer, President of Hemispheric Strategies and EFI’s Mexico Director, has over 16 years of work experience with Mexico in the areas of U.S.-Mexico trade policy and representing private sector clients. He is well known and respected by both the Mexican and U.S. trade organizations in Mexico. Mr. Springer served as an advisor on NAFTA to the Government of Mexico during negotiation and implementation of the agreement. From 1984 to 1990, he was Director of Business Programs at the Council of the Americas and served as senior staff person for the U.S. Council of the Mexico-US Business Committee.

Mr. Springer divides his time between Florida and Mexico.

EFI has its physical representation office in Mexico City inside the U.S. Trade Center. The U.S. Trade Center provides a range of services in Mexico that EFI would not be able to obtain elsewhere. In addition, the Trade Center offers EFI an opportunity to interface daily with the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service trade specialists, Mexican trade officials, and Mexican buyers of products and services. The U.S. Trade Center is centrally located, secure and provides EFI with access to comprehensive databases and trade leads that come directly to the Trade Center. EFI’s resident Trade Specialist was trained and had worked for 5 years as a foreign national trade aide at the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service.

Contact Address:
Ana Arroyo Yllanes
Enterprise Florida Mexico Office
U.S. Trade Center
Liverpool No.31
Colonia Juarez
06600 Mexico, D.F.
Phone: 011-525-140-2677
Fax: 011-525-566-1115
Email: tradeaide.mexicotc@mail.doc.gov

Florida Contact:
Gary Springer
Hemispheric Strategies Inc.
7150 SE 100th Street
Miami, Florida 33156
Phone: (305) 374-8070
Fax; (305) 375-0160
Email: efimexgls@aol.com

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